Tennis’s Top 5 on Instagram

Besides all of those career-defining matches, grueling training sessions and long-haul flights, the stars of the tennis world are of course. like all of us connected to the Internet. Many of the stars reach out to social media to give us an insight into their lives. Unlike Instagram, no filter has been applied, instead, we have just listed the top 5 Tennis stars based on the Instagram following.

5. Rafael Nadal – 2,600,000 Followers

The Spanish clay court god shares mostly tennis related pictures. Tennis Trumpet has noticed though that Rafa likes to share location-based court pictures. Rafa gathered his following in not much more than a year.

4. Sania Mirza – 2,800,000 Followers

The Indian doubles specialist ranked as of now in the top 7 of the WTA Doubles Rankings has caught us by surprise, when we were investigating the most popular players on Instagram. Hardly surprising though, given the passion that the Indian public have for their sports stars. Sania shares a lot of selfies and gives us a glimpse into her life behind the tennis court.

3. Roger Federer – 2,900,000 Followers

Being one of the most successful tennis players in history, means Roger has a huge follower base on Instagram. Followers are treated to shots of him with his trophies, on his travels, many beautiful skylines, which are separated by the odd post of him preparing for upcoming tournaments.


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2. Novak Djokovic – 3,100,000 Followers

Everyone knows that Nole is a funny guy, on and off the court. This is one of the reasons why we love to follow Novak.On his Instagram, Novak shows his life off the court with many pictures of his friends and family, combined with tour related content. Novak’s instagram is definitely worth the follow.

1. Serena Williams – 5,300,000 Followers

The queen of Tennstagram (Tennis+Instagram) is Serena, who has amassed a total following of 5,3 million. Serena uploads various professional pictures mixed in with many selfies. A nice trend of her Instagram is her motivational posts, dropped in with shots of her training away to inspire one and all.

Good morning… good morning 🎤🐒

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